Contributed By: Chloë Bass

A workbook, measuring ribbons, and writing tools for examining how we tell a story based on the proximity of two bodies in space. Designed for various applications: museums, public spaces, classrooms, theaters, etc.

About Chloë Bass:

Chloë Bass is a multi-form conceptual artist working in performance, situation, publication, and installation. Her work addresses scales of intimacy, where patterns hold and break as group sizes expand, and daily life as a site of deep research. She began at the scale of the individual (The Bureau of Self-Recognition, 2011 - 2013). Her current project, The Book of Everyday Instruction, is an eight-chapter investigation into one-on-one social interaction. Beginning in 2018, she will be making a study at the scale of immediate family units, tentatively titled Obligation to Others Holds Me In My Place. Chloë is a 2017 - 2018 Workspace resident at the Center for Book Arts, and a 2017 studio resident at Triangle Arts Association. Her projects have appeared in recent exhibitions at CUE Art Foundation, Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts Project Space, The Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art, the James Gallery, and elsewhere. Her forthcoming book will be published by the Operating System in December 2017; her writing is most often found on Hyperallergic. A native New Yorker, she lives and works in Brooklyn, and is an Assistant Professor in Art at Queens College, CUNY. You can learn more about her at chloebass.com.