The publication Invitation to Attention proposes exercises that invite people to be more attentive to the experience with art, in everything from their encounter with the artwork to the sharing of their reflection on it. Its use is not restricted to the 33rd Bienal, but rather can be applied to various other artworks and contexts. It contains a booklet with texts about the relationships between art, education and attention, along with new collages made by artist-curator Antonio Ballester Moreno.

About Fundação Bienal de São Paulo:

The São Paulo Biennial Foundation is a pulsating institution that idealizes and puts into practice artistic, educational and social initiatives. In addition to holding the event that moves the world of art every two years, its activities extend from January to January in an emblematic pavilion of modern Brazilian architecture and in actions inside and outside the country. Without political-partisan or religious ties, it is a private non-profit institution that wants to bring the new, provoke debate, educate the eye with anxieties, proposals and questions always renewed.